S/0791/18/FL Relocated Waterbeach railway station

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Two accesses: new road with junction on Cody Road and improvement to Bannold Drove to form primary NMU access. New road from Cody Road will have 3m verge-protected shared-use pathway on north side. Bannold Drove ('varies - nominal 4m width') will be surfaced, traffic-calmed and gated to prevent motor vehicle access to the station. Where Bannold Drove meets the new access road there will be a crossing with walking and cycling priority to reach the shared-use pathway on the north side. The pathway will end at the cycle parking area, currently proposed to be 100 spaces provided in covered double-stackers plus 6 Sheffield stands for 'larger cycles'. Passive provision is made for a mirroring set of double stacker stands.

I think the main qualm is with the cycle parking. Unsure how much there should be, but with all this space there ought to be more Sheffield stands I think. Also unclear how much security there will be, if any. CCTV at a minimum like Cambridge North, I imagine, is what's achievable. I've been told that the current Waterbeach station suffers from bike theft quite a lot, so this is important.

Ideally we would want segregated walking/cycling routes but I'm unsure this is worth pushing hard on since Bannold Drove will be relatively wide & used for emergency access possibly & this is not that urban a location (though maybe someday it will be?).

Slightly outside our usual remit but we may want to join with some other commenters to note that it is horribly cruel to put the lifts at the far, far end of the platform away from the station entrance, meaning that anyone in a wheelchair has traverse the entire northbound platform to reach the southbound platform (and then move up to wherever the train stops). Knowing how often lifts fail, we should press for lifts to be included in both station bridges (there are two proposed, one at each end, but only the far one has lifts proposed now).


Relocated railway station comprising platforms, pedestrian bridges, access road, pedestrian and cycle routes, car and cycle parking, with other associated facilities and infrastructure.

Land between Cody Road and railway, north of Waterbeach, Cambs


South Cambridgeshire

Application reference : S/0791/18/FL



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