S/3372/17/CW Incinerator at Waterbeach on A10 opp. Denny Abbey

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Obviously a big deal for Waterbeach and surroundings. I'll restrict myself to cycling-related notes:

Transport Assessment:

3.1.6 [Over 600 HGV movements per day, albeit many seem to be already occurring on-site.]

3.3.4 ... Whilst this is not considered to be a
significant issue for experienced cycle users, it must be recognised that the
A10 corridor does operate under 60mph national speed limit controls and is
used for regular large HGV journeys. Such busy high speed routes typically
do not represent an attractive cycle option for many potential cycle users

3.3.5 It is understood that longer term CCC aspirations include the delivery of a
dedicated cycle greenway route to Waterbeach village & the proposed
Waterbeach Barracks / Airfield re-development, which could include for
extensions towards the Waterbeach WMP site. Such proposals are believed
to still be at a relatively early stage.

(Site is very close to the Cambridge Research Park, which will have a cycle link built to the new Waterbeach development)

Cycle Shelter:

For employees and visitors they are using the same off-the-shelf Broxap cycle shelter with substandard 800mm spacing that we objected to at the Science Park.


I think that our interest would be in ensuring that they properly integrate into any surrounding cycle network that is created by the Waterbeach development and that people cycling and walking are protected from the HGVs by having separated infrastructure and not sharing space (e.g. the entrance to the site for people cycling should be separate from the entrance for HGVs).

Application for full planning permission for the construction and development of a Waste Recovery Facility (Waterbeach Waste Recovery Facility – WWRF) at Levitt’s Field, Waterbeach Waste Management Park (WWMP), Ely Road, Cambridge comprising the erection and operation of an Energy from Waste Facility to treat up to 250,000 tonnes of residual waste per annum, Air Cooled Condensers and associated infrastructure: including the development of an internal access road; office/welfare accommodation; workshop; car, cycle and coach parking; perimeter fencing; electricity sub-stations; weighbridges; weighbridge office; water tank; silos; lighting; heat off-take pipe; surface water management system; hardstanding; earthworks; landscaping; and bridge crossings.

Levitt’s Field, Waterbeach Waste Management Park, Ely Road,, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB25 9PQ



Application reference : S/3372/17/CW



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