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  • Greater Cambridge Partnership (City Deal)

    Created by cobweb // 40 threads

    "The Greater Cambridge City Deal was signed by Central Government, Council leaders, businesses and the University of Cambridge and aims to secure hundreds of millions of pounds for the areas of Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire.

    The Greater Cambridge City Deal aims to ensure that the success of the area continues by investing in the transport infrastructure, housing and skills needed to see future economic growth.

    The first £100m of funding will be made available for transport improvements in the five years from April 2015."

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  • North Area Committee meetings

    Created by Al Storer // 10 threads

    Area Committees are a joint meeting attended by both city and county councillors. They decide on planning issues in the area, but also have a role in the allocation of community development money from S106 contributions. They offer an opportunity to engage with multiple councillors at once, through the Open Forum section and speaking on specific Agenda items. The North Area's website is here:

    Speaking at these meetings is a good way of making your feelings on matters the councils control public.

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