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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Waterbeach Cycling Campaign:

  • Transport Corridor Funding

    Created by cobweb // 1 thread

    On a bi-annual basis, the funding for S106 projects is to be reviewed with Area Committee recommendations going to Cabinet for final approval.

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  • Cycle safety promotion - Cambridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 14 threads

    This is a general, over-arching issue for discussion of helmet-related and cycle safety promotion strategic matters in Cambridge that periodically (and continually) arise.

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  • Cambridge City Cycling Map

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 2 threads

    Every few years the City or County publish and refresh their give-away map.

    This issue is to capture discussion about the map, including the details included on it, the style of the map and any inaccuracies or other changes that are needed.

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  • General promotion of cycling in Cambridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 84 threads

    What general measures (publicity, fairs, web activity, leaflets, brochures, campaign manifestos) can we undertake to promote cycling in Cambridge in the most general sense?

    This issue is a discussion area for proposals and discussion on creating general-purpose material and the approach that can be taken to promote cycling, and the difficult question of how this is balanced against difficulties that cyclists face in practice.

    This issue is not for discussion of specific problematic infrastructure or helmet issues, or anything like that.

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  • Improving cyclists' compliance with the law in Cambridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 16 threads

    There are a range of issues regarding cyclists breaking the law in Cambridge. This issue is intended as a container for strategic discussion of how this can be resolved.

    There are of course many problems with drivers breaking the law, and discussions need to be in that context also, but this is issue is primarily for addressing the cycling side.

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  • Fen Road, Milton - planning application variation

    Created by Heather Coleman // 2 threads

    This is a planning application variation for 42 Fen Road, Milton. Application no (south cambs) is S/0756/12/VC

    Permission had been given, but I noted as I passed the other day, that there was an application for a variation. Looking at this, one item seems to be to vary the "cycle storage".

    From the description in Addendum to Design, Access & Herigage Statement in plans and docs:

    I quote
    "The bin / cycle store has been relocated and enlarged to allow for a tool shed. It was felt that
    the proximity of the previous store to the proposed dwelling had an adverse impact on the
    street scene and cluttered up the entrance area. By setting it back within the garden space it
    was felt this would positively enhance the character of the area. Additionally, as a temporary
    structure it is felt this would not have any more of an impact on the surrounding trees than
    the current position of the bin store."

    Or if you look at the map, the cycle "storage" (should that be parking?) now appears to be round the back end of the garden, and as a hedge is shown surrounding the car parked at the front of the property, I am at a loss as to how it would be at all convenient to ever get a bike out of this shed, rather than just getting into the car.

    Of note is the fact that this proposed house is about 15 yards off NCN 11. In one direction*; this gives a virtually traffic-free route almost into Cambridge city centre or to Waterbeach railway station. In the other direction, NCN 11 heads through Milton Country Park, leading almost directly to the local Tesco superstore as well as to the Coston bridge, Science Park, Guided Busway. Thus, it could be possible to live an almost entirely car-free existence at this location.

    *Fen Road is erroneously described as a cul-de-sac in the application. It is to motor vehicles, but is in fact a through route to the city centre for cycles and pedestrians.

    From the 2004 South Cambs local plan

    "To promote the use of more sustainable modes of transport, such as public transport,
    walking and cycling by making such modes more accessible, safer and more attractive
    to use.," and "To promote sustainable travel by ensuring new development takes place in highly
    accessible locations."
    " To limit the amount of car parking provided in new developments, where appropriate,
    to reduce over-reliance on the car." "adopting on-site and/or off-site design features that promote
    access by non-car modes as far as practicable (including
    walking and cycling) and facilitate and encourage their use"

    Of course there appears to be nothing about accessibility of cycle parking cf car parking, unlike the City Council local plan.

    Is it worth putting in an objection? The publicity end date is 5th June.

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  • South Cambridgeshire Local Plan review

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 6 threads

    South Cambridgeshire District Council are reviewing their Local Plan. It is important that cycling issues are dealt with and brought to their attention during this process.

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  • Cambridgeshire wins £1.74m "Better Bus Area Fund" funding

    Nigel // 0 threads

    Department for Transport press release 23 March 2012:

    Cambridgeshire "Better Bus Area Fund"

    Cambridgeshire will receive £1,724.000 to improve accessibility, bus journey times on key bus routes in Cambridgeshire. The changes will include new traffic management on four corridors into the city, bus priority, upgraded buses, improved interchanges (including with Guided Busway), smart ticketing top-up on street and real time passenger information. For further information, go to

    The proposals include much of relevance for cyclists, including bus priority at junctions, a "bus gate" through the middle of Mitcham's Corner and more.

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  • Cambridge North railway station

    Created by Robin Heydon // 15 threads

    New station that will serve the northern part of Cambridge, specifically the Science Park - but also by extension through the guided bus, villages to Northstowe.

    This provides a good opportunity to construct another section of the Chisholm Trail (especially a link over the river and on to Newmarket Road). We must also ensure that any footbridge provides facilities for those with bikes AND that there is adequate cycle parking.

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  • 20mph limits in Cambridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 9 threads

    A 20mph limit in residential areas of Cambridge would vastly improve safety and enable more people to cycle. What extent should it cover and how can we achieve it?

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  • Local Plan 2018 - creation and review

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 21 threads

    The Local Plan is being reviewed - which will be a big process over the coming two years. It's important that cyclists engage with this and ensure that deficiencies, such as lack of cycle parking, are fixed.

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  • Bike & Bus Harmony leaflet

    Created by John Hall // 1 thread

    Warrington Cycle Campaign have produced a leaflet aimed at improving the mutaul understanding of cyclists and bus drivers points of view.

    It is called "Bus Drivers & Cyclists in Harmony"

    We hope to promote better relations between the two groups via a similar leaflet. The key goal is safety but enhanced respect by both parties would be of benefit.

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  • Training of drivers of commercial vehicles

    Created by Jim Chisholm // 2 threads

    We have serious concerns over the standards of driving of certain classes of vehicles in Cambridge.
    We have an opportunity to push for both bus companies and and local authorities to train their drivers to a higher standard

    Under the 'Certificate of Profession Competence' drivers of certain classes of vehicle are required to undertake 'continuing training'

    There has been an article in Local Transport Today about training in London. see:

    "A COURSE designed to cut the number of lorry accidents in urban areas, particularly those involving cyclists and pedestrians, has gained industry accreditation.

    The ‘safe urban driving’ (SUD) course developed by Transport for London and London boroughs has been accredited by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training, the body set up by the sector skills councils for freight and passenger transport to manage the driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). "

    "EU directive 2003/59 requires lorry and van (over 3.5 tonne) drivers to obtain a CPC by completing 35 hours of training every five years. The requirement came into force in 2009, so the first deadline is September 2014. "

    "The second half of the course sees the lorry drivers get on bicycles and go on-road to understand how cyclists position themselves on the road, and how to drive in the presence of cyclists. This module was developed by Cycle Training UK for the London Borough of Lambeth. "

    I've already pointed out this scheme to the cycling officers

    It may be that we can get the LA's to approach Stagecoach on this issue and it could form part of any 'Quality Contract'

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