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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Waterbeach Cycling Campaign:

  • Core Site - North East Cambridge

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Anglian Water and Cambridge City Council, working with U+I and TOWN, are exploring the vision for a new sustainable urban quarter at the heart of the proposed new district of North East Cambridge.

    The project is currently called the Core Site, North East Cambridge (shown on the attached map). The aim is to deliver over 5,000 new homes on the Core Site over the next 20 years, along with shops, workplaces, education, community and leisure facilities, and open spaces. This opportunity is enabled by the proposed relocation of Anglian Water’s Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant, with the support of Homes England, and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

    Cambridge City Council is currently bringing forward an Area Action Plan (AAP) for the wider district, within which the Core Site is located, which could deliver a total of 8,000 new homes in ‘an inclusive, walkable, low-carbon new city district with a lively mix of homes, workplaces, services and social spaces, fully integrated with surrounding neighbourhoods’. The Core Site has a key role to play in delivering this vision.

    The landowners of the Core Site - Anglian Water and Cambridge City Council - have selected U+I, in partnership with TOWN, as master developers for the site will be working to bring forward proposals for the site and, eventually, a planning application.

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  • (A10 pedestrian and cycle route) of planning application S/0559/17/OL

    Created by Gabriel // 1 thread

    The plans for the improved shared pavement between Waterbeach and Milton have been added to the planning portal. Planning application:  S/0559/17/COND29


    Also please note the A10 SLO for a reduction of the speed limit on these sections from 50mph to 40mph.

    From looking at the plans my main concerns

    Narrow sections - less than 3m wide, which is not LTN 1/20 compliant and very unambitious seeing as 11,000 homes are being built in Waterbeach.

    The separation from the carriageway is also very unambitious at 0,5m and not a properly segregated verge. 0,5m is the absolute minimum suggested in LTN 1/20. 1m is the minimum recommended.

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  • V51 Underpass to Landbeach road

    Created by Edward Taylor // 1 thread

    This is an ideal solution to the flow at Landbeach road.
    Mobility needs from Landbeach, highlighted in Milton community are to provide cycle crossing at the A10 for school kids and parents.

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  • 20/05396/FUL: 4 commercial buildings, Trinity Hall Fam Ind. Estate, Nuffield Rd

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 1 thread


    Erection of four commercial mid-tech buildings comprising Use Class E (commercial, business and service) to provide flexible office, research and development and light industrial uses, and Use Class B8 (storage and distribution) limited to a maximum of 20% GEFA; together with car parking, cycle parking, landscaping, substation and associated infrastructure (following demolition of the existing buildings).

    Trinity Hall Farm Industrial Estate, Nuffield Road, Cambridge, CB4 1TG

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  • Map of planned projects

    Created by wookey // 2 threads

    It's hard to know where (and when) all the future cycling-related developments are, so a map showing them could be very useful. This issue is to discuss this idea, if it is useful, or already exists somewhere, and how it might be done.

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  • 20/03523/FUL St John's Innovation Park - Travel Hub, etc

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    20/03523/FUL | Erection of a 5 storey building and a 6 storey building for commercial/business purposes, erection of a transport hub, gymnasium, surface parking, landscaping and associated infrastructure including demolition of the existing building (St John's House) and associated structures. | Land In The North West Part Of The St Johns Innovation Park Cowley Road Milton Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0ZT

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  • New Joint Development Control Committee

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    From the previous thread:

    Key information:

    The establishment of the new JDCC, composed of members from both South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council have now been completed and the previous JDCC has been dissolved...

    'In terms of the remit of the new Committee, some cross boundary sites have been included that were not within the remit of the previous Committee ... both Councils have adopted Local Plans which include specific policy designations – some of which overlap the Administrative boundary of the two Councils. Whilst both Councils have created a shared planning service, this does not change the statutory position of the two Councils as distinct “local Planning Authorities” ... The additional sites include the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan areas within both City and SCDC, Cambridge Biomedical Campus/Addenbrookes site and the extension of Peterhouse Science Park/ARM on Fulbourn Road.'

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  • England's Economic Heartland

    "About us

    Stretching from Swindon to Cambridgeshire and from Northamptonshire to Hertfordshire, England’s Economic Heartland brings political and business leaders together in a strategic collaborative partnership with a shared commitment to realise the region's economic potential.

    We provide the region’s voice on strategic infrastructure and services. Our leadership is focused on addressing barriers to realising our potential.

    • We are the Sub-national Transport Body for the region. Our overarching Transport Strategy will be a 30 year strategic vision for our transport system that puts the needs of businesses and individuals at the forefront of investment decisions

    • Our work on wider strategic infrastructure is focused on making sure investment in transport, digital and utilities infrastructure is ‘joined up’

    • Our work with our delivery partners is focused on identifying investment priorities, getting the funding secured and then delivering improvements to budget and on-time.

    Working in collaboration with Government and partners across the Heartland, we are committed to creating places where people and business realise their potential, and are able to compete on the global stage for UK plc.

    Our 5.1m population and 280,000 business together generate around £155 billion GVA. We have a 21st century economy, particularly rich in high value engineering, science, technology and research. Most of our firms are small or medium sized enterprises with many based in rural or semi-rural areas.

    Overall, our economy is successful and we’re a net contributor to the exchequer. However, the National Infrastructure Commission believes our economy could double or even triple in size. But it also warns this opportunity cannot be taken for granted.

    Indeed, our success already comes at a price. Economic growth combined with underinvestment in infrastructure and services means that the pressure on our transport, digital and wider infrastructure networks has grown to the point where they operate close to capacity most of the time. The resilience of our networks has dropped, affecting business productivity and making travel for individuals increasingly challenging.

    Our transport system continues to be dominated by the legacy of investment that left us with a largely radial pattern of strategic networks centred on London. Travel across the Heartland – and in particular east-west – is hamstrung by poor connectivity and poor integration.

    Digital connectivity remains a challenge at a time when lifestyle and business changes mean our demands and expectations of digital infrastructure continue to increase. And economic success brings with it further pressure on wider strategic infrastructure, including power and water supplies.

    England’s Economic Heartland is the response of strategic political and business leaders to overcome these challenges, with investment in strategic infrastructure and services key to realising our potential."

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  • Cycle racks in Waterbeach

    Created by Paul Bearpark // 1 thread

    Waterbeach Cycle Campaign has received a Zero Carbon Communities grant from SCDC for installation of some badly needed cycle racks in the village centre. We have consulted with villagers about their preferences for their location and the Parish Council has approved the installation in those locations.

    We need to arrange for the installation

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  • Milton COVID-19 urgent measures

    Created by Edward Taylor // 1 thread

    Brief proposal for temporary measures in Milton.
    Raised as a result of COVID-19 distancing measures
    In addition to or in concert with suggestions arising from Spaces to Breathe

    1. Use a point closure at the north side of Cambridge to forbid southbound through traffic. Why? It eliminates through traffic in Milton, especially at peak times. There are other versions of this idea for Milton, such as modal filters. Driving into Milton centre should be further discouraged in favour of the A10 bypass.

    2. Implement a 20mph speed limit throughout Milton. Why? Reducing speed limits slows down drivers, a bit. It shifts the balance in favour of walking and cycling. The street environment becomes calmer, cleaner and quieter. In residential areas, there are more walkers and people just drive slower naturally. In these areas, cycling and walking becomes more pleasant and statistically safer. Fatality rate in collisions drops significantly.

    3. Remove on-street car storage on Cambridge Road / High street. Why? On-street car storage encourages people to choose the car when making journeys within Milton. (I've done it myself.) Nowhere within Milton is more than a 3 minute cycle journey away.

    4. Give cyclists and pedestrians priority at several key junctions on the Milton-Cambridge cycle route.(Winship road to Cambride Road) Why? To encourage people to use these routes and improve safety.

    The DfT has made it clear that the money will only be allocated for measures that truly make space for cycling (please let me know if you want to see the letter, as it has not been widely shared). Those painted lanes do not meet the criteria set by the government, so they will have to be paid by Cambs Highways.

    The deadline for councils to bid for the funds is Friday June 5th - in 6 days! If anybody has got any follow up suggestions I would suggest emailing our concillors well before that date, as any measures proposed will also have to be reviewed by Cambs Highways before they are sent off.

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